References from students who have taken the class are available upon request. Below are quotes from some of our students.

"I want to thank you for everything you taught us. We learned so much from going to your weekly classes which in turn empowered us to ask for our rights during our labor and delivery at the hospital. We truly believe we could not have gone unmedicated given our situation had we not enrolled in this class." -Anna, mom to Maria Alexis, born 10/3/10

"On the way to our first class my husband asked me what could we possibly learn and talk about for two and a half hours each week for twelve weeks and I responded that we should try it out and if we didn't like it then we wouldn't come back. Within an hour we were hooked and found ourselves looking forward to it so much each week; we were completely hooked. Now we look back and know that our classes gave us incredible confidence and knowledge and that without it we most likely would have ended up with a second c-section, instead we had an unbelievably beautiful home birth after a previous c-section. Thanks again!" - Melanie, mom to Caroline, born 8/29/09

"I really enjoyed the class and it truly made a great difference during my pregnancy and giving birth. Taking the classes allowed me to be completely prepared and aware of my options. Also, the class helped to eliminate the fear of my body not being able to give birth, and allowed me to know how to eat well." -Shemida, mom to Sarah, born 5/26/09

"The classes were vital to my preparation as a coach. I was aware of so many things that enabled me to speak for Shemida when she was unable to speak for herself, as well as proper knowledge of all procedures that were taking place in the birth room." - Wilbert, dad to Sarah, born 5/26/09

"Melissa, I can't thank you enough for all the knowledge and information you gave us. If it wasn't for you, I'm sure that I would not have been equipped to make the choices I made in order to have my ideal birth. It was the most amazing experience, and I will always have these memories - I know that we've done everything we can to give our best to our baby Eleanor. Thank you again!" - Sarah, mom to Eleanor, born 5/14/09

"We have said numerous times and on separate occasions how very different my pregnancy and our daughter's birth would have been without all the knowledge and guidance provided to us by Melissa & Scott. We read 2 of the Bradley Method books as we were attending their class and Melissa & Scott provided so much more depth and real life experience to the material than any book could. Knowledge is truly power and the Taylors empowered us to make the decisions that ultimately led to the natural, intervention-free birth of our daughter. There is no greater gift!" - Rachel, mom to Katie, born 5/10/09

"We went in afraid, after the end of class, we were throwing out terms and very confident of the process. Melissa did a great job as an instructor! We loved her!" - Mary, mom to Jasmine, born 1/26/09

"I'm very glad I took the class. I felt so much more prepared and confident by the end of class. I think every first-time parents to be should take the class regardless of whether they plan a natural birth or not." - Wesley, dad to Jasmine, born 1/26/09

"You have been a blessing for our family. Without the information that we learned from you, I do not think we would have been able to accomplish our ideal birth. I will recommend you to every pregnant woman I meet.” - Linda, mom to Liam, born 8/8/08

"Melissa and Scott, thank you for educating us about natural birth and the process. We felt supported and empowered." - Michelle, mom to Trenton, born 7/25/08

"Thank you so much for the class. It really prepared me to have the exact birth I wanted!" - April, mom to Nicholas, born 8/3/08

"I'm very thankful for taking the class. I never would have been able to be a good coach without it. The class was very informative and the whole class was very supportive." - Max, dad to Anthony, born 6/29/09

"We were able to have the safe and unmedicated birth we wanted because of this class and the Taylor’s encouragement. The nutrition, relaxation practice and overall knowledge of the labor process were so helpful to us. During my labor, I felt very informed about what my body was doing. We really enjoyed talking to other expecting couples and returning students in class. We have also learned to be more educated consumers. I can’t say enough about how appreciative we are." - Megan, mom to Ian, born 7/9/08

"Thanks a million! I will recomend your class to all expecting mothers." - Laura, mom to Alivia, born 1/15/08

"I feel I was extremely well prepared [for the birth of my child] and calmer than I otherwise would have been. I felt in control and I knew what to expect." - Kristin, mom to Zachary, born 1/5/08

"[The class was] extremely important and necessary in my preparation, I would not have known what to do without the training and information these classes offered. [I enjoyed] the group atmosphere, friendly and welcoming attitude of our teacher(s).!" – Rocky, dad to Liam, born 9/20/07

"We knew what to expect during all of the stages [of labor] and were well informed regarding hospital procedures. We used relaxation techniques and laboring positions we learned in class. [I also liked] meeting other couples going through the same life phase." - Charis, mom to Colt, born 7/1/07

"Melissa, I want to thank you and Scott for everything you have taught me in class. You have opened my eyes to viewpoints and options that I didn’t even know existed. I now have the confidence to deliver and raise Ty in the way that I feel is best. I appreciate the objective and factual manner of the class and also respect your opinions. I’m ready for Ty to come – now I just have to wait for him!" – Danielle, mom to Ty, born 4/30/07

"Thank you for preparing us so well! We learned so much and we are so happy that we were able to have a drug-free birth." - Elizabeth, mom to Luke, born 4/10/07

"[After taking classes] I felt completely knowledgeable and prepared. One of the main reasons why I (and Owen) were able to endure such a long labor was because I was so well prepared and because my nutrition was top notch." - Dorothy, mom to Owen, born 4/8/07

"I really enjoyed getting together with the other couples and hearing the same woes of the week. The new information was great - how to write a birth plan and talking it over with the instructors really was helpful. I loved watching all the birth videos. Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without the classes!" – Tina, mom to Luke, born 2/23/07

“The class was unbelievable! I think everyone who is expecting should take this class. It’s incredibly informative and puts you at ease. Melissa was wonderful, very knowledgeable and accessible. The class is fun. We had a wonderful learning experience.” – Peter & Ana, parents to Gabriel, born 12/22/06

“As a soon-to-be first time dad coming into this class, I knew basically nothing about pregnancy and birth. What I learned in this class has made me feel well-educated on these topics. Now I feel very prepared for the birth of my baby boy!” – Jonathan, dad to Chase, born 11/3/06

“The classes prepared me much better than I ever could have anticipated for the birth of my son. I most enjoyed how close the classes kept my husband and myself throughout our pregnancy. It helped us discuss what was going on and what to expect much more than I feel we would have been able to do otherwise.” – Linda, mom to Chase, born 11/3/06

“When we first found out we were pregnant we had far more questions than answers- being unsure of almost everything was scary. Now that we’ve taken your classes, we know enough to give ourselves and our baby the best possible chance for a healthy, unmedicated birth. Thanks Melissa and Scott for all the answers.” – David & Alyson, parents to Cole, born 11/2/06


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