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In his book, Husband-Coached Childbirth, Dr. Bradley said, “…the only handicap I have found in the Method is the super enthusiasm of the parents afterwards. They will talk your arm off…” Super enthusiasm is exactly how we feel after experiencing our natural births. We experienced such a bond during our pregnancies and the births of our children. We want to share this so others can experience the joy and empowerment of having an unmedicated, natural birth.

Our own experience includes the birth of our four children. With our son, Marc, we had a water birth at a birthing center. With our second pregnancy, we found out we were having twins. Although it was a high-risk pregnancy, we were still able to have a natural birth in a hospital setting with our identical daughters, Lily and Logan. Our most recent addition, our daughter, Addison, was also a water birth. She was born at home assisted by a midwife. We found that with each birth, learning as much as we could and taking chlidbirth classes really helped us prepare for the labor and made us aware of what options were available to us.

We would love to welcome you into our home and to help you have the birth that you want. Please note that classes are taught in our home and we have a well-mannered dog. If you are afraid of dogs or severely allergic, this might not be the proper setting for you. We would be happy to help you find another instructor in your area.

Melissa's Bio

Melissa grew up in Dexter, a small town just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tired of the cold weather, she came to Florida to attend Eckerd College. She graduated with a BA in visual arts with a minor in biology. After college she worked as a graphic artist and multimedia developer for several different companies creating web-based training programs. She met Scott, got married, had a few kids and left corporate America to be a stay-at-home mom. Besides teaching natural childbirth, Melissa is also a certified lactation counselor and teaches breastfeeding and newborn care classes through the county, and leads the local ICAN chapter.

Scott's Bio

Scott grew up in Virginia Beach and came to Florida his junior year of high school. After high school he attended the University of Florida. After three years there, he still didn't know what he wanted to be when he grew up, so he joined the Navy. In the Navy, Scott attended electronics school and nuclear power school. He worked as a reactor operator on a submarine, the USS Florida, for 4 years. After the Navy, Scott was hired by Lutron Electronics where he has worked since 1999. Scott leads a team that travels to where Lutron’s lighting control systems have been installed and commissions the systems and trains customers on how to use them. He met Melissa in 2003 and snatched her up quick. He and Melissa decided to start a family right away and he coached her through all her births. Although they are probably done having kids, they keep him around to cut the grass and such.

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